Cloud Connections Beta

One of the biggest hurdles for teams adopting PopSQL is the “Connect to your database” step. Many people wonder: what’s the host? What username and password should I use? 🤔

Well, we’re happy to announce we now have a beta version where your team won’t have to deal with connection details at all! 🎉 In addition to easier onboarding, this will bring exciting future changes including a web client, and audits.

How it works

  1. When the first person on your team creates a connection, they’ll have an option to share the connection with the team
  2. Your connection details (host, username, password, optional SSH settings, etc) will be securely stored on PopSQL servers
  3. When teammates sign up, they’ll be able to start writing queries right away. Queries will be executed by PopSQL’s servers sitting behind static IPs

Get started

  1. Download the beta
  2. Press Cmd+3 to open the connection manager
  3. For the connection you want to share, hit the Test button to make sure the connection is good
  4. Look for the Do you want to share this connection? and select Yes, including the username and password, and from the cloud Screenshot of cloud connection
  5. Hit Save
  6. If you maintain an IP whitelist, you’ll need to whitelist the PopSQL servers that will be executing your queries:,

That’s it! Now using PopSQL will be a breeze for you and your teammates. Enjoy!